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Long-lost cousins

Dec 4, 2005 / 2 Replies Our daughter did a drawing of Dad (Dylan) on her Magnadoodle and I thought it was pretty cute. Although, to me, it looks more like Stewie from Family Guy than Dylan. :)

Man suing NBC because TV show made him vomit

Jan 6, 2005 / 9 Replies This idiot is suing NBC because Fear Factor "made him vomit." He says the show made his blood pressure rise which caused him to be lightheaded and dizzy.

"I didn't see the doorway on route to my room," his lawsuit reads. "I ran into it causing suffering, injury and great pain."

Quinn learned a new word

Aug 23, 2004 / 2 Replies Yesterday Quinn was saying something over and over. We could not figure out what she was saying, and then finally realized what she was saying. We were relieved to find out that she was not saying what we thought she was saying. After we figured it out, Dylan had to get a video of it.

Pretty in Pink

Jun 27, 2004 / 8 Replies Who knew that Joe looked so good in pink? And not just pink, but GAP pink. Very stylish, Joe.

Fling the Cow

Nov 1, 2003 / 6 Replies [link http://www.flingthecow.com/flash/]This[/link] is a really stupid but addictive game. This highest score I've gotten is 420.