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Pretty in Pink

Jun 27, 2004 — Who knew that Joe looked so good in pink? And not just pink, but GAP pink. Very stylish, Joe.

Wirehead says:

HAHAH. Pwned. How you got him into that at a campsite surrounded by survivalists with AK47's is beyond me, but I applaud the effort.

lyrical warfare says:

HAHAHA. Next step: Banana Republic!

jpwain says:


Two people today messaged me out of the blue and said "Lookin' good, Gap boy!" or similar, and I had no idea why. Now I know.

DataBind() says:

Is that a nun he's showing off to??

Wirehead says:

From a few minutes BEFORE Joe's post up there:

6/28/2004 3:42 PM Wirehead: hahahah gap boy
6/28/2004 3:43 PM Joe: wtf
6/28/2004 3:43 PM Joe: that's two of you today
6/28/2004 3:43 PM Joe: OH
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Joe: shit! the PHOTO
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Wirehead: Hahahahahaaha
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Joe: you and keith both called me gap boy and I have NO idea why
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Wirehead: *had
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Joe: where did you see it?
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Wirehead: You should talk to Kaellagh about that
6/28/2004 3:44 PM Joe: o sweet
(link to Mboffin ensues)

Dylan says:

It is taking a herculean amount of restraint to not post that photo to ghettofabulous.com.

jpwain says:

Don't act like I don't have compromising photos of all you, because I do! And I'll post them!

/runs away

Wirehead says:

Hah. I wish you could find that pic Sam took of me with my tie on my head.

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